6 P-KKt3

A tribute to the current craze for fianchetto-ing. The most effective reply seems 6 . . . Kt-QB3; 7 B-Kt2, KtxP; 8 KKtxKt, KtxKt (30th game) and Black stands well.

6 . . . . PxP Enables White to get a slight lead in development.

7 KtxKt QxKt

8 QxP QxQ

9 KtxQ B-Kt5ch

10 B-Q2 BxBch

11 KxB K-K2

White's opening has been an admirable one from the point of view of keeping the draw in hand. Black has no objective reason for expecting more than a draw, but the state of the score compels him to avoid drawish play, with the result that his position naturally deteriorates.

In order to guard against a later invasion by R-QB1-B7. But the Kt remains badly placed throughout the game, and it is already clear that White's B will hamper the development of Black's Q side.

14 QR-QB1 QR-Kt1 RxB was threatened.

16 P-KB41

0 0

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