Massachusetts Chess

George Sturges, who was elected president of the American Chess Federation at its annual meeting in Boston in July, has retired as president of the Massachusetts State Association, leaving a vacancy which will be difficult to nil as Mr. Sturges was one of the most enthusiastic supporters of the State body.

The Old Colony League, comprising seven cities and towns south of Boston, already has begun its annual series of team matches. The North Shore League and the Boston Metropolitan will get under way shortly.

Joseph L. Strickland has been elected secretary of the Boston League succeeding Charles C. Lee who is retiring after serving in that capacity the past twenty-four years.

The City of Boston championship tourney is scheduled to start Oct. 18th with Harlow B. Daly.. W. M. P. Mitchell and George Sturges as managing committee.

Left to right: Ralph H. Rowse, John MacLane and John H. Barry

(For once Keres is out combined. Kail a turns the tables in characteristic Keres style.)

Played in Esthonia, 1938 CARO KANN DEFENSE

P. Keres


M. Kaila


0 0

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