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Good news! We have definite assurance that the forthcoming National Championship Tournament, which begins on April 2, will be held at Rockefeller Center.

Another tournament gets under way! The next A. C. F. Tournament will be held at Boston. The Massachusetts State Chess Association is bending all its effort to make the tourney a great success.

Qualifying entrants for the Women's Tournament are Mrs. D. Willard, Mrs. W. E. Jackson, Mrs. E. Harrison, Miss M. Harmath and Mrs. I. Kashdan.

REGINALD OWEN, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Star

Plays a pretty fair game. He and Frank Morgan play on a tiny pocket chessboard between scenes in pictures. Owen learned the game in England as a boy in order to play with an uncle. He says that its continual employment of forethought sharpens the wits and fascinates him.

"There arc thousands of youngsters taking part in tournament play there now," he said. "

by the game, they have been kept oft the streets, and it proved to the Mayor he had been right in giving hobby instruction instead of granting a request for additional police to curb juvenile crime. Newspapers there each devote six columns of space weekly to the game and the youngsters' playing."

The fascination of the game for the youth in Toronto was remarked by Sid Kirk, athletic and hobby instructor for a service club. He reported youths in evening hobby classes at General Mercer School often showed more interest in chess after he had taught them, than they showed in basketball.

One readily sees the extensive vistas which arc thus opened up to Chess; but it is a pity that Chess can seemingly flourish only in hard times!

Chessplayers desiring to turn their libraries into cash are requested to get in touch with us. We will be glad to appraise any library and make a cash offer for it in whole or in part. Address: THE CHESS REVIEW, 55 W. 42nd St., New York, N. Y.

MAUREEN O'SU LLI VAN Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Star

Another apt pupil who also became interested by watching the experts play! She has been playing for about a year and a half.

An interesting innovation in chess competition in the Western Hemisphere has been ushered in by the quadrangular Team Match Tournament which took place between countries of Central America and the Caribbean. Final results were as follows:

Country Won Lost Drawn Totals

3 Costa Rica 7 8 9 111/2—12l/2 1 Panama ..A 17 3 5 V2—181/2

In time this competition may become the nucleus of a Pan-American Chess Federation.

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