Kt-B6 mate

listen to the facetious comments of the spectators, but we were usually too engrossed in our own games. . , . Miss Karff and Mrs. Harrison both seemed to find it hard to arrive on time. . . . . Dake was watching intently the game between Mrs. McCready and Mrs. Rivero. Said Mrs. Marshall, "What do you think of the game?" Answered Dake, "They're both very thin, aren't they?" Kashdan is glad that his wife entered the tournament. He reports that she is now beginning to understand why he worries about his clock. Mrs. Kashdan is a sweet person. When she captured the cjueen of one of her opponent's and gave check with the knight at the same time, she actually apologized Several men were looking at the adjourned position Miss Weart had with

THE WINNERS! Samuel Reshevsky

(Queen of American Women's Chess)

Grouped around the King and Queen of American Chess are (standing left to right) : L. Walter Stephens, Director of Play, whose untiring efforts did much to make matters run smoothly; Frank J. Marshall, American standard bearer for many years; Silas W. Howland, Chairman of the U. S. Chess Championship Committee; George Em I en Roosevelt, Committee Member and enthusiastic chess patron; and Louis J. Wolff, who was in the main responsible for securing the greatest publicity ever before given to a chess event in America. It is to be regretted that Fritz Brieger and Joseph J. Nanry, who contributed so much of their time and effort to make the Tournament a. success, are not in the group.

Mrs. Rivero (the latter was a pawn down, but there were bishops of opposite colors) when Dr. Lasker came up. One of the men handed him the pocket chess board. "Do you think I can draw the game?" Miss Weart asked. He pondered for at least a minute, then, nodding toward his companion, said, "This man is a lawyer, you can believe anything he says," which seems to us the perfect noncommittal reply. . . . Miss Karff made a very nice speech when she was presented with the Hazel Allen Trophy and the championship silver bowl.

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