White has taken his cue from Black's 11th move, and has fixed all the Black Ps on white squares. The result is that Black is limited to purely defensive play, and that White has maneuvering facilities on the QB and KR files plus a break-through possibility at QKt5 (hence his last two moves).

The break with P-Kt5 was not so formidable as to necessitate the drastic deterioration of Black's P position which now ensues.

Missing an important defensive finesse. Necessary was 33' ... . R-R2; 34 R(.l)-QRl, R(l)-QR1; 35 PxP, BPxP with far better defensive chances than after the text. Having been given his opportunity, Alekhine now makes decisive inroads into the hostile position. As will be seen, the utilization of the QR file is of vital importance.

35 PxP RPxP 38 R-KR6 R-Kt1

See Diagram

White's last move was decisive. If 39 . . . QR-Q1; 40 Kt-R5ch, K-K3; 4.1 RxR wins a piece, and on any Kt move but the text, 40 BxP wins.

39 ... . Kt-B2 Seemingly driving back the enemy . . .

40 KtxP!! P-Kt6ch

A meaningless interpolation. However, if 40 . . . KtxR; 41 R-Q6ch, K-B2; 42 KtxKtch winning easily.

This looks good, for if 42 RxR. RxR and White must lose some material. White has a simple but effective reply.

0 0

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