The normal formation of the "Orthodox Exchange Variation" is now reached. White has the' choice of continuing with i) KKt-I<2 or Kt-B3, followed by castles Q and a frontal K side Pawn advance against the adverse K; or castles K with the well known minority Pawn advance (P-QKt4-5) in view; or castles Q with the thought of positionally exploiting the advantage of the half open QB file. The importance of the game prompts the leader of the white forces to pursue the last course.

Weakens the black squares and lends point to the eventual break, P-QKt4-5, in which event White will be enabled to force upon the QR file,

16 Kt-QR4 R-B2

17 Kt-B5 KtxKt

With the thought that a Kt placed on Q4 is of greater value than the pressure exerted on the half open QB file.

19 Q-B3 QxQ

20 RxQ B-B1

An unavoidable weakness, which lessens the scope of White's QB and prevents the White Kt from entering oil KB5.






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