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As we go to -press, we are in receipt of the important announcement that the 39th annual congress and tournament of the American Chess Federation will he held this year early in July, in the City of Boston. This announcement should be of interest to chess players everywhere, since the tournament, which will again be an open one, will be held in the middle of the vacation season. Chess players should now begin to make plans to attend this great event if not as participants, as visitors.

This year's tournament will be held under the joint auspices of the Massachusetts State Chess Association and the American Chess Federation. The Boston committee is headed by its able president, George Sturgis. Franklin J. Sanborn, Secretary of the Massachusetts State Chess Association, will serve in the capacity of tournament director. A fitting commentary on the efficiency of the Boston committee in charge of the arrangements is that nearly half of the prize fund was already subscribed before Mr. Sturgis put in a bid for the tournament on behalf of the Massachusetts State Chess Association. A total prize fund of approximately $1000 has been assured.

This forthcoming tournament will be a particularly significant one since for the first time in the history of the American Chess Federation the annual congress will be staged in the New England region. After this event, no region in the country will remain in which the Federation has not held a tournament. In the past, tournaments have been conducted annually since 1900 from coast to coast and virtually from border to border. This accomplishment marks the American Chess Federation a truly national chess body.

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