Prudently returning the extra P in order to remove his K from the danger zone. On 21 . . . B-K2 White does not play 22 BxP (22 . . . QxPch!); instead, 22 P-B5 yields a powerful attack.

22 KtxB PxKt

23 RxP K-K2

A. difficult choice; the alternative 24 P-QR3, R-Ktl; 26 R-B2, B-B3; 26 R-R5 seems preferable, as it avoids the following inroad of Black's KR.

This should be answered by 26 R-Kt5 (not 26 BxBP? P-Q6 and Black wins a piece) with a good game. Instead, White miscalculates badly.



26 RxP?

27 QxQ

28 R-K1

29 RxP Resigns

QxPch! BxQ B-R6 R-Kt1ch

A. C. F. Congress Bo-s ton—July, 1938 INDIAN DEFENSE

0 0

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