Inexpensive Chess Books

(Orders Filled by THE CHESS REVIEW)

Cambridge Springs Tourney, 1904(paper)—1.00 How Not to Play Chess (Z. Borovsky) ___ 1.25

Chess Sacrifices and Traps (cloth)______1.25

Alekhine vs. Bogoljubow, 1934

Chess Pie No. II!—(Nottingham souvenir) 1.00

Modern Chess Endings (Winkelman)____1.50

Amenities and Background of Chess-Play

Semmering Tourney 1937 (Reinfeld)paper_-1.00

Kemeri Tourney 1937 (Reinfeld) paper____1.00

Instructive and Practical End Games Rook and Pawn Endings, I, II Bishop vs. Knight Endings III, IV

4 lessons at 50c each. Any two for___1.00

Elements of Modern Chess Strategy Alekhine's Defense XVIII Colle System III, VI, X Dutch Defense XVII French Defense VII, XII King's Indian Defense XIII Nimzowitsch Defense II, V, XVI Queen's Gambit Dec. I, XI, XIX Queen's Indian Defense XX Ruy Lopez IX, XV Sicilian Defense IV, VIII, XIV 20 lessons at 25c each. Any four for__$1.00

The Handbook Series (cloth covers)


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