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Before arriving in Russia, Flohr stopped off at Kovno to play a ten-game match with Mikenas, who has frequently given him trouble in the past (he won a beautiful 22-mover from Flohr at Folkestone, and defeated him in a fine game in the most recent Hastings Tournament; the game appeared with notes 'by Dr. Euwe in our February issue). But Mikenas was hopelessly outclassed in the match, the Czecho-slovakian grandmaster triumphing with six wins, four draws and no losses. Mikenas took daredevil chances, and Flohr took the points.

Match, Kovno—June, 1938 QUEEN'S GAMBIT DECLINED

S. Flohr V. Mikenas

White Black

A novelty. Black gets rid of the important White KB, but White will be left with a strong center and a lead in development

7 BxB PxB 10 P-K4

8 QxP QKt-Q2 11 B-Kt5

Much too risky; better was 12 13 P-K5, Kt-Q4; 14 BxB, QxB; 15 Kt-K4—although White has a good game here too.

13 B-Kt3 P-Kt5

14 Kt-Q2 P-KR4

Or 14 . . . P-K4; 15 PxP, QKtxP; 16 Q-K2 with advantage to White.

15 P-K5 Kt-KKt1

Not liking 15 . . . Kt-Q4; 16 KtxKt, BPxKt; 17 P-B4 with P-B5 to follow.

17 Kt-B4 Kt-Kt3

The Kt is to play to KB4 to guard Black's Q3.

21 BxKt RxB 23 Kt-K3 PxP

24 KtxKt! RxPch

25 K-R1 PxKt

26 QxP RxP

Even stronger than 28 P-Q6, which could be answered by . . , Q-K3.

29 PxB Q-Q1 31 Q-R3ch Resigns

LYNN BRYANT President of the New York State Chess


The following were elected officers of the Association for the coming year: President, Lynn H. Bryant (Binghamton); Secretary, Walter L. Murdock, Jr. (Cazenovia); First Vice-President, Robert F. Brand (Cazenovia); Second Vice President, C. Harold King (Hamilton); Third Vice President, E. B. Adams (N. Y. C.). It was voted to hold next year's tournament at Colgate University in Hamilton, where C. Harold King will be in charge of local arrangements.

New York State Championship Cazenovia-August, 1938


A. S. Denker E. Marchand

White Black

2 Kt-KB3 Kt-KB3 5 Kt-B3 QKt-Q2

The proper square for the B is K2 or QKt5 to be followed eventually by . . . P-Bl.

9 BxP P-K4

Black must have intended to arrive at this position when he played 6 . . . B-Q3. On the surface it looks reasonably "solid/' but a close examination will reveal that it is one of those dynamic positions in which White's superior development and mobility must give him the upper hand.

The New York State Championship

This event was held at Cazenovia Seminary Junior College in Cazenovia, Aug. 6-12 and was even better attended than last year's tournament at this place. Six teams of four were entered in the county team contest on Aug. 6 and 7 and a total of 44 entrants took part in the open tournament, Aug. 8-12.

In the championship section Arnold Denker carried away first honors. Only half a point behind him was Anthony E, Santasiere. The outcome of the struggle for first place was in doubt until the last round, when Santasiere drew his game with Hermann Helms. A win for Santasiere in this game would have tied him with Denker for first place.

Other results:

GENESEE CUP COUNTY TEAM CONTEST: Onondaga 13y2-6y2; Monroe l2i/2-7y2; Broome 12-8; Schenectady 10-10; Oneida 9-11; Madison 3-17.

CLASS A TOURNAMENT: Won by Boris Garfinkcl of Buffalo.

CLASS B TOURNAMENT: Won by El-dorous Dayton of New Rochclle.

CLASS C TOURNAMENT: Won by Marvin Sable of Syracuse.

Left to right: Boris Garfinkel, winner Class A; Arnold S. Denker, N. Y. State Champion 1938; Eldorous Dayton, winner

Class B.

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