Current And Coming Tournaments

The important Russian tournament planned for this month has been called off . . . Dr. Alekhine has come to Uruguay to play in a tournament with fifteen South American players . . . the chief purpose of his visit is, however, to complete arrangements for a return match with Capablanca in 1939 . . Contrary to previous reports, Reuben Fine returned to this country a few days ago, and his participation in the National Championship is thus assured . . . Champion Sammy Reshevsky is also back . . . there is talk of a match between Keres and Stahlberg . . .it should lead to plenty of fireworks , . . Dr. Alekhine, Keres, Petrov and Book have already accepted invitations to participate in the Margate Tournament . . . these masters should produce some lively play . . . it will be interesting to see whether Alexander can maintain the fine form he displayed at Hastings.

Entries for the qualifying tournament to the National Championship may be sent in until March 1st to Mr. Louis J. Wolff, 44 Wall Street. Those who have not yet entered should take advantage of this extension of time.

As we go to press, the result of the closely contested Marshall Chess Club Championship hangs in the balance, depending on the last-round encounter between the leaders, Frank J. Marshall and D. Polland.

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