Honor Prize Problem No. 778 by Fred Sprenger is sound. After 1 Kgl, Rg7; 2 Khl, Rgl; 3 BxR and mates next move. We apologize to Mr. Sprenger for our mistaken statement in the December Notes and News, the result of not. having a copy of the problem at hand and trusting to memory. Mea culpa!

Mr. Maxwell Bukofzer informs us that No. 867 in the November issue published minus the source and the author's name is one of his own compositions entered in the Densmore Memorial Tourney of 1918, and appears on page 172 of Alain C. White's 1918 Christmas book, "A Memorial to Densmore!"

In reference to the White-Hume Collection Mr. Kipping also writes: "Any enthusiast in America who will pay all carriage can have a box of some 15,000 self-mates—a very large number of them quite unsorted." Will any of our fairy enthusiasts volunteer?

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