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CHESSMEN By Donald M, Liddell Price $5.00

{with the collaboration oj G. A. Pfeiffer and. J. A. Manoury)

Those who have been fortunate enough to see Mr. Pfeiffer's exhibit of beautiful chessmen at the Marshall Chess Club, will be prepared for the striking and diverse beauty of the 96 pages of halftone reproductions of chessmen in this volume. The sets are the product of the most varied nationalities, times and places: the Orient, Africa and the Polar Regions (among others) are represented; there are pieces in medieval and modernistic style, sets made by Eskimos and African natives, sets produced in the time of the Directory (the French—not the telephone book) as well as Soviet propaganda sets.

The text, instead of being the savorless catalog one might have expected, is written in a delightfully informal and anecdotal style. Incidentally, Chessmen is an appropriately choice example of the art of bookmaking, and will make a much appreciated gift, even if the recipient is not a chess player.—R R.

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1937 Price $1.00 (flexible cover) While the merit of the games in this tournament is much higher than is popularly supposed, I was more than agreeably impressed by the excellence of Reinfeld's annotations, which are profound or epigrammatic in turn, according to the demands of the occasion. Reinfeld knows how to bring out the value of a game which in the hands of a routine annotator would seem colorless and dull. And another thing I liked about this volume was that it constitutes a further improvement in appearance and format over earlier volumes in this series.—1. C.

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SEMMERING-BADEN TURNIER 1937 By Dr. J. Hannak Price $1.00

Like all the publications of the Magyar Sakk-vilag, this booklet of 86 pages is gotten up in impeccable style. All the games of the tournament are given, with terse but meaty notes by Dr. Hannak. A book to be recommended to all readers of German.—F. R.

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