A New Textbook on the Game by a Leading English Master

Mr. Alexanders helpful advice on the middle game, on openings, and end-games, etc., will prove of great assistance to the weaker player. The large number of outstanding recent games that have been included, together with the author's shrewd comments, will attract the interest of every student of the modern game.

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13 QxKt P-K4

Black's error in development is now clear— in this position his Q belongs at Q1 and his B at B1 or Q2.

If 15 . . . PxF; 16 Kt-K6, E-B2; 17 RxP followed by QR-KB1, P-K4 etc.

16 P-KKt4! PxP

Forced. If 16 . . . Kt-B3; 17 Kt-K6 wins at least a P. If 16 . . . P-Kt3; 17 PxP, PxP; 18 K-Rl, Kt-B3; 19 B-R3 followed by R-KKtl with a winning game.

17 BxP Kt-B3

It seems a pity to give up such a beautifully placed B, but the Q move compels the ensuing exchanges; after which the ending, to Quote a favorite expression of F. Reinfeld,, is "clear as a bell."

Better than 23 Kt-K6 (for which Black was hoping) for then .he would escape with 23 . . . R-B2, threatening . . . B-Bl.

Black's B is out in the cold.

27 RxR R-K2 31 P-QKt4 K-Kt2

34 PxQP R-QKt2

35 R-B7I R-Kt1

36 R-B8 KxKt

37 P-K7 Resigns

After this game, Kashdan revised his thesis about Bishops to read: Knights are better than Bishops in even-numbered years!

(A successful swindle) Baltimore—July, 1938 INDIAN DEFENSE (Notes by J. Carroll Quinn) J. C. Quinn A. Cichelli

White Black

Against all principles; but it does not turn out so badly.

It is doubtful whether it is worth-while to waste a tempo to get two Bs in this position. 0-0 was better.

8 QxB P-K3

11 B-Kt2

Apparently forced; if 15 Kt-K2, Kt-K4; 16 Q-Kt3, Kt-R4! Or 15 PxBP, PxKt; 16 PxKt, PxB; 17 PxR(Q)ch, RxQ; 18 QR-Ktl, QxP and Black has his money's worth. (Yet the latter variation is preferable to the text—F. R.)

16 BxKt Kt-K4 18 B-Kt1

A sorry retreat; but if 18 B-B3, Kt-Q6! 19 RxKt, R-K8ch; 20 RxR, QxRch; 21 K-R2, B-K4! wins. Or 18 B-Q3, KtxB etc.; or 18 B-B2, P-Q6!

Black's only mistake. Correct was . . . P-B4 with the better game.

Cichelli w 1


0 0

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