Chess A La Vallee

The imitation of an American radio chess announcer on one of the Rudy Vallee programs never deviated from the standard formula. Stock Joke No. 123, 456, 789: "Whosis is about to move! He's reaching for a pawn. No, folks, it's a false alarm. He's only scratching his nose. Now he's concentrating again. His eyes are still glued on that QKtP. He's reaching for it again. Will he do it? Shucks! He's only scratching his nose a^ain. Well, anyway, one more scratch and he's out, etc. . .

Some of our readers may get a chuckle out of this. Others may wax indignant over the "slur" on the royal game. Our own feeling is that this is one more proof of the growing popularity of chess. Otherwise, no national hookup would waste five minutes of valuable time on it.

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