American Chess Federation Yearbook

We have also a letter from Ernest Olfe, Secretary and Treasurer of the American Chess Federation, that the third annual yearbook of the Federation entitled, "The Morphy Memorial Tournament" will be ready for delivery about June 1st.

The manuscript of this year's book is again being prepared by Fred Reinfeld. Approximately fifty of the best played games of the Chicago tournament have been selected for the book. This year's edition will also contain considerable information about the Federation; included is a roster of charter club members and an outline of the Federation's future program.

American Chess Federation yearbooks are given free to all members and constitute one of the various services given by the Federation to its members. Membership costs are 31.00 per year. Players desiring to obtain a copy of this year's book, arc urged to send their application to Ernest Olfe, Sec. and Treas. American Chess Federation, 1111 No. 10th Street, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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