After A Game Of Chess

Musing, reflective o'er the finished game, A hard-fought contest close won, mind 'gainst mind, How oft, I thought, in playing does one find That magic essence difficult to name, Which yet to feel in Chess is to acclaim. Is it those fascinations underlined By science and romance close intertwined In this most noble bout of age-old fame?

Amid high strategy akin to art, Attack, defense, to win or lose by "mate", Royalty flanked by cohorts plays its part, Symbol of power and grace whate'er its fate. Subtle and glamorous the game of Chess, To which its lovers give their best, no less.

—Frances Car ruth Pri fid It-

Play your CHESS at

Room 204, Strand Theater Office Building, 1585 B'way at 47th St, N. Y. City.

Best, Cleanest, Most Central Location in City. You Are Welcome.

Terms Reasonable F. M. Chapman, Mgr.

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