A V R O Tournament

Time, tide and our printer wait for no man. Much as we would have liked to include a game from the first round, it has proven impossible. We shall of course, publish every game in our next few issues. We have made arrangements to secure all the highlights and human interest features that may occur.

Our last minute report was received by short wave wireless from Holland. All the famous chess masters with the exception of Capablanca, who was detained in Paris, gathered in Amsterdam to draw lots for the pairings. Chairman Clercq of the Alg Vereen Radio Omroet Tournament Committee made the formal welcoming speech. Dr. Max Euwe of Amsterdam, former World Champion, and Dr. Alexander Alekhine of Paris, the titleholder, responded briefly in behalf of the players. Dr. Alekhine announced that he would ¬°eel under no obligation to play the winner in a title match. At the same time, lie stated his willingness to encounter any one of his jellow contestants if he would comply ivith his known conditions.

The results of the drawing follow: No. 1: Dr. Max Euwe, The Netherlands. Salo Flohr, Czechoslovakia. Dr. Alexander Alekhine, France. Reuben Fine, United States. Dr. Mikhail Botwinnik, Russia. Samuel Reshevsky, United States. Jose R. Capablanca, Cuba. Paul Keres, Esthonia.

The first round pairings will be Flohr vs. Capablanca; Alekhine vs. Reshevsky; Fine vs. Botwinnik; Euwe vs. Keres. In each instance the first named player receives the white pieces.

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