Chess Epic

When the Allentown Chess Team played the strong Dclmont aggregation from Philadelphia, an ancient chess warrior who lias been hibernating at Fleetwood, some twenty-five miles away, was invited to take a board in the Allen-town line-up.

The silver-thatched veteran who is now happily immersed in engineering problems of the Fleetwood Craftsmen, Inc., was a bit re luctant to play. There was some doubt as to whether he still retained his old skill, and not knowing exactly where to put him, his captain dodged the issue and placed him at Board 1.

After some wavering Bill Ruth, who may be remembered by our older readers, recollected the moves of the pieces and played a right smart game.

RETI OPENING H. Bauder A. Ruth

White Black

2 P-B4 PxP

The oldster seemed surprised at this, rather expecting KKtxP.

5 Kt-Kt1 Kt-KB3

At this point Black perked up>( and the years seemed to fall from his shoulders.

A deep-hued plot.

10 P-QR3 P-QKt4

The kind of move that reveals a misspent youth, according to Lord Chesterfield.

11 QxKtP QR-Kt1

Now the full villainy of Black becomes evident. For if 12 Q-R4, B-Kt6; 13 QxB, BxPch. Hence White seeks a haven on the other side.

But there is no rest for the weary.

13 QxKtP K-K2 Resigns

Thereupon Black rose to his full height, revealing a tanned face and a muscular figure, the results of managing the Berks County Baseball pros, a rather strenuous hobby, but apparently good training for a retired chess-bug.

MASTERLY DEFENSIVE PLAY! Utah State Championship, 1938

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