Breviary Of Chess

By S. TARTAKOWBR For the first time this famous master puts bis experience and literary gifts at the service of the beginner. The more advanced player will find many valuable hints even though for him the first part of the book might only serve as a '' refresher con rse'


The most up-to-date, com ¬°dele, and lucid treatise on Chens.

David McKay Company

Washington Square Philadelphia

Chess and Checker Catalogues Sent on Request scope (see the introductory remarks!).

Well timed, for Black cannot answer 19 . . . Kt-Bl because of 20 KtxP!

Black has no other way of saving the QRP; but this move opens the gate to the enemy (see the introductory remarks!).

20 Kt-K2 Kt-B1


Seattle City Championship

MASTERLY PLAY BY WHITE Seattle City Championship January 22, 1938

0 0

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