Abe Wilson Golden Knights Champion

Abe L. Wilson was born August 6, 1947 in Hawaii. While attending the University of Hawaii, he joined the Hawaiian Tele phone Company and remained with them until he retired at age 55 in 2002 with almost 37 years of service. Abe notes that retiring at an early age was a blessing as he now enjoys very much spending all his time with his wife Chie (a retired jew eler), attending daily mass, working on his chess, practicing tai chi, and helping his wife with her Internet used book business.

Abe was very taken with chess as a child. After learning the moves, he proceeded to lose almost every game he played with the neighbor kids and his older brother. Growing up, he would hear once in awhile about this fascinating idea of play ing chess long distance, either by mail or as some did then by ham radio. This was it, he thought, one day he would like to try this!

In 1987 his wife Chie encouraged him to get involved with USCF correspondence chess (CC), and he did. After carefully studying Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess, Abe enrolled in the 1987 Golden Knights. Despite a few losses, he continued to play, enrolling in one section of each year's Golden Knights tournament. Continually progressing, he finished fifth in the 1995 Golden Knights, and fifth again in the 1996 tournament, and became a correspondence master in 1999.

Abe believes that chess is more than a game, it is a way of life, a lifelong pursuit. He likes to think he plays chess with the Aloha Spirit, loving the game and the people, giving both the best he can give. Abe is a true chess "specialist" He never plays over the board, but thinks he should as it would probably improve his game. Some opponents have asked him how to become a master, and he tells them "Keep on playing, keep on studying, learn from your mistakes, and never give up!"

Those ambitious CC players wishing to emulate Abe and his 2000 Golden Knights victory might note that he scored 5% % in the preliminary round, 5% % in the semifinal round and then really turned on the Pacific heat in the final round with a 6 0 sweep which would be a 2700 performance rating.

After Abe's outstanding victory in the 2000 Golden Knights he has expanded his play to both the USCF Absolute and international play. I am sure you will hear more about Abe Wilson and his islands in the future. ~AD

Uscf Correspondence Canidate Master

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