23R-K2 23 K-Nl has been tried with the idea of continuing with 24 Q-QB4

followed by___KR-K1. Oskengoyt-

Shershev, ¿-final USSR Corres Ch 1969-70 contnued 23 ... P-R4 24 Q-QB4 Q-N2 25 R-K8+ K-B2

26 RxR QxR 27 R-KI K-N3 28 P-QR3 Q-R3 29 N xRP Q xQ 30 NxQ+ K-N4 31 P-N3 N-Q2 and Black soon won.

23 R-K3 K-B2 24 K-Nl R-KN1 is also good for Black. Sorokin-Zelinsky, USSR Corres Ch 1971-72.

The text prepares to double rooks on the K-file which would threaten R-K8+ followed by R/8-K7.

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