Bkn Nk

If Black wishes to exchange off White's bishop then this is certainly the correct knight with which to accomplish the task, viz. 18 ... N/3-K5 19 Q-Q4 Q-B3 20 R xN NxR 21 Q xNP R-QN1 22QxN Q xB 23 Q-Q4 R-R2 24 Q-R7 + K-Bl 25 Q xP+ K-Ql 26 P-N4, when White has four pawns for the piece and Black's king will soon feel the effect of White's advancing Q-side army, e.g. 26 ... Q-B3 27 R-KB1 Q-QB6 28 P-N5 and although White's queen is temporarily incarcerated, Black has no good defence to the threat of 29 P-B3 followed by B-B2.

Much stronger than the text however, is 18 ... KxP! when White does not have at his disposal the refutation mentioned in the note to Black's fifteenth move.

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