Set Hints

1 Remove the Black and White Queens from the board; now White can force mate with a series of checks. So the Black Queen must remain where it can guard the KP against BxPch, since otherwise - even without a Queen himself - White will mate him. Now can you see the fine sacrifice with which White's combination starts?

2 If after 1____KtxKt you just play 2.QxKt Black will defend himself with P-KB4 followed by Q-Kl. So you must tear up his position at once, sacrificing what is necessary to do so.

3 After l.RxKtch, K-Bl White's next move is 2.R-B7ch! Can you see why Black dare not take this either with K or Q? Continue to use the same idea right across the rank - and when you get to the end, think again.

4 The protection of the B on K4 is an essential part of White's defence; Black undermines it (how?) after which White's game falls to pieces.

5 The Black Queen and QR are both needed to protect the Rook on Kl, so they cannot carry out any function which conflicts with that duty - not even the capture of White's Queen. Use this fact (several times over!) to win.

6 This is perhaps a position to be enjoyed rather than solved -but try to get the Black Pawn through to queen with maximum speed.

7 (/) The Black Rooks are very vulnerable to the White Bishops. (//) It is not only the Black Knights and Rooks that are shaky; after 2. . .. P-K4 the King is not too secure.

8 You have to be prepared for some more sacrifices; to give you a start with a difficult combination the first moves after 1. . ..

4.QPxP. Now finish it off - you will find that later on there is one more non-checking move.

9 In the main line, Black succeeds in coming out with R and 2 Bs v. Q - a winning advantage, and it is not necessary to carry the analysis further. Against 2.QxKt he merely gets an end-game plus, but against 2.BxB there is a familiar mating attack.

10 Suppose the Black Pawn were on Kt7, not Kt6; can you see how Black would win - even without his Rook on R1 ? How, then, can he gain a tempo, get the Pawn to Kt7 - and retain the move?

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