If 30 f5, the rook goes to e4 or g4, while after 30 Exd3 2g6 31 2d8+

&h7 32 Wd5 Wxel+ 33 &h2 Sh3-H Black mates.

I have already mentioned Paul Keres (1916-75) who was a very active CC player in his youth. He continued to play CC even after he burst on to the OTB scene at the 1935 Warsaw Olympiad when he was still only 19. By 1939 he was one of the top three or four players in the world at both OTB and CC. Only the upheavals of World War II interrupted his CC activities. Keres grew up in the town of Parnu, Estonia. At the time of his birth, Estonia belonged to Russia, but it became independent between the world wars, a status which it only recovered in the 1990s. It was about 1930 that he took up postal play, specialising in gambit openings because the tactics involved sharpened his combinative skills.

Corr (Estonia) 1931-2

Declining this gambit is rather pusillanimous and offers little prospect of advantage.

5 %xd5 JLc6 6 Wb5

Not 8 a3? b5! 9 cxb5 10 bxa6+ c6, but 8 e3!? may be better.

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