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White always moves first. Solutions on Page SO.

Solutions to Problems on Page 49

Attacking pinned pieces

"its all very well to pin a piece" you might say, "but what do you do when you have pinned it? It can't always be taken off"

True enough, but the answer is: Attack it again, preferably with a piece of lesser value.

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a. white b. white

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Solutions to Problems on Page 51

b. 1 Kt d3—c5 ch. The Black Bishop is now pinned by the Rook, and the move of the White Knight attacks the Black Knight a second time. If 1 Kt d3—f4, P f6—f5 relieves the pin.

d. 1 R b5—e5 ch! The attack can be from the rear also!

Use of pin to check and mate because of the deceptive look of some positions with pinned pieces, we are giving some more examples. Look first for the Black King, then the pinned piece:

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white black

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