[Variation D]

Blacks Queen Bishop is badly out of play.

This is not the last word on opening possibilities. Whole volumes have been written on the Opening alone—Handbücher, Lehrbücher, Digests, etc.—and the English-speaking chess players are respectfully referred to their Bible: "Modern Chess Openings* by Griffith and White (revised by Reuben Fine). Every tournament played contributes to the theory of the opening. In every club match some game causes great interest because of a new variation played. But the wealth of combinations of moves possible should not dismay the beginner. Rather let him remember that every player is guided by the general rules set forth in this book: Development, Timing, Center Control. Every inventor of a "new move" was once a novice like himself, a bit puzzled by the vastness of the world opened up to him, a bit timorous, perhaps—but led on by the same pleasure of discovery, of invention, of creativeness; of humor betimes; of tragedy and unexpected recovery; of courage and fighting in the face of heavy odds and seemingly overwhelming odds—in short, of the human world.

And that is why chess is the game for you and me.


by Frank Hollings

A simple and well-written introduction to the game.

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