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Solutions to Problems on Page 55 a. 1 Kt d5 x B b4. Else the Rook at c3 is lost for the Bishop (5 for 3!).

fa. 1 Q c5 X Q e7. The Knight at e4 is pinned and liable to capture with check. White should therefore exchange Queens.

c. 1 R gl x B g6. Better lose 5 for 3 than 3 for 01

d. A longer example: Black has pinned and attacked the Knight and threatens . . . R e8 X Kt e4ch followed by . . . R e4 X P b4. He will then have all the winning chances. (Remember that the Pawns can become Queens on reaching the eighth rank.)


And the game should end in a draw. Materially the Queen' is worth not quite a Rook, Bishop and two Pawns; White has therefore gained slightly on the transaction.

Defenses to the pin: by interposition the second type of defense is interposition. This can be between the pinning piece and the pinned piece; or between the pinned piece and the King. Values of pieces must always be kept in mind.

black black tili

white mm m.

tili a.

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