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Have you ever wondered why more people don't like you as much as you feel they should? Are you a nice person that simply doesn't get the attention and love from other people that you should? Believe it or not, this is not your fault, and it's nothing about you! All you have to do is find the method to use with people to make them like you, and have NO idea why they like you so much. The method is called Automagnetism. Automagnetism is the way that you carry yourself that suggests things to people's minds that makes them like you without ever knowing way. You will be able to set yourself apart once you use the Likeability Blueprint; people won't know what hit them! All that it takes is a little bit of solid effort, and you can be on your way to getting people all over the place to like you! Read more here...

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Highly Recommended

I usually find books written on this category hard to understand and full of jargon. But the writer was capable of presenting advanced techniques in an extremely easy to understand language.

Overall my first impression of this book is good. I think it was sincerely written and looks to be very helpful.

Who is Attacking Whom

Of the pre-war champions, I have always had the greatest admiration for Lasker. His amorphous style is hard to define, and evidently his contemporaries also had problems getting to grips with it. I have always regretted that there is no really good book analysing Lasker's games throughout his career. One day, perhaps, I will write it myself. I share the admiration of grandmaster Nunn for the second world champion, although I am not sure about his evaluation of the books devoted to the games of Emanuel Lasker. The monographs published in Russian by Vladimir Zak Lasker and Boris Vainstein Myslitel (The Thinker) are rich in content and interesting. But there is no doubt that many remarkable games that are analysed in them demand a reappraisal -their traditional interpretation is inaccurate, and sometimes simply incorrect. The reader can easily convince himself of this, from my analysis of the games Reti-Lasker (Marisch Ostrau 1923) in the book Training for the Tournament Player and...

The path to victory infested with thorns

'Only in the imagination of the averagely talented critic (vulgo annotator) does that game exist in which a small openings mistake is exploited by the opponent and conducted to victory with merciless consistency. How on earth could this critic be in a position to discover the more or less concealed resources which are available in the position (I mean equalising variations or lines which grant counter-play.) The critic sees nothing and discovers nothing and brims over with enthusiasm for the harmonious, flowing win just as many a schoolmaster, with rounded shoulders and a pot belly, raves with admiration about Julius Caesar. In reality, however, every game consists of at least two or three distinct waves It would be odd indeed if

The US Amateur Team Events

Tournament that would bring even the most reticent players out of their shells those who would normally be undergoing solemn pre game routines at the start of a round could be found chatting with their opponents and teammates as if at a family reunion. Anticipation or anxiety before matches was replaced with festiv ities each round and with charismatic organizer Steve Doyle at the microphone, there was always spirited entertainment. There was ceremony as well before the start of round one, members from all 283 teams in attendance said the Pledge of Allegiance together as a flag ceremony was performed by cadets from West Point.

Sorrowful End And Immortality

Charousek made 2.5 points out of 3 games at the very start. Rudolf still had to play against the strongest opponents. Now his poor health showed its negative effects. The victories over Schallopp and Schiffers weren't convincing and were attained more due to the weak play of his opponents. But in round 4 he once again became The Champion of Hungary'4. The brilliant game with Albin aroused admiration. In the middle of the tournament Chigorin, Cohn, Showalter and Steinitz were in the lead. And also the winner Burn was ahead of Rudolf. And Charousek had scored 50 against them so far. In the 7th round the game Charousek against Chigorin attracted general attention. Attacking with enthusiasm the Hungarian sacrificed three pawns in a row and an exchange sacrifice was soon to follow. Not being baffled by these wild complications the champion of Russia repulsed the attack and play was shifted to an


The Sicilian Defense is well liked by many players because it is a battle on a wide front. White tries to hold the center and attack on the King-side but in doing so, he is forced to open his own King's position. Black is slow to commit himself in the center. But if White's attack accelerates, Black must open up sooner than he wants. The result is an exciting battle where neither side can afford to waste a single move toward the completion of his plan.


Two features are worthy of special admiration in the following fine game White's skill in exploiting the weak points in the adverse position, finally turning positional into material advantage and Black's desperate ingenuity in discovering a drawing chance in, to all appearances, a hopelessly lost position.

Not Demanded

Writing about such a tense, uncompromising tournament as the 49th USSR Championship (Premier League) is no easy matter. Especially for a player who was successfully able to endure all the changes of fortune in a sustained tournament struggle. It has to be said that USSR Championships have always provided a large and diverse amount of material for study. It is here that new paths have been laid, fashionable opening set-ups refuted, and genuine masterpieces created, even today arousing the admiration of chess enthusiasts.

Fighting chess

Without doubt, a charisma attaches to both of these grandmasters which has somehow eluded the reigning World Champion, Anatoly Karpov. A man who, despite his virtually unprecedented record as champion, is unfairly, but irrevocably perceived as a colourless player. Given the tragic fact of Bobby Fischer's terminal hibernation and the mute public reaction to the achievements of Karpov, the two London contestants, Korchnoi and Kasparov, are now widely held to be the most attractive and popular players on the globe. The situation is very similar to that of the mid 1970's, when everyone had been hugely impressed by the 1972 Fischer-Spassky clash. When quizzed as to who was the strongest player in the world, the man on the Clapham Omnibus would tend to reply, Boris Spassky, even though Karpov sat secure on his throne in Moscow.

Master Anderssen

It was not external success alone, that which put him above patrons and Masters of the game, but rather it was his eternal consistency and bright, well-conceived way ofplaying, which found true admiration, even in foreign countries, especially from the ingenious Kieseritzky it was also his fine analytical thinking process, which was expressed first in the Evans gambit, later also in the Spanish game and reaching a deep understanding in some other openings it was also his untiring readiness to fight anybody who wanted the honor of playing chess against him finally and last and foremost, his excitement and enduring energy for chess, expressed by deeds and not words, and on which all his thoughts were spent. Anderssen was a teacher by occupation, and since 1855 served as Professor in Breslau. That he fulfilled his duty in his state employment as a conscientious man is proven by multiple citations from his superiors, and not only the fact that he was chosen to teach the important subjects...

End Game Studies

If in the studies of Rinck we seem to have before us actual endings from master play, in Kubbel's compositions the highest art of the problemist has been transplanted to the realm made famous by such names as Kling and Horwitz, Amelung and Berger. A fine study by Rinck rouses our admiration by the originality of its conception. Kubbel most frequently charms by the flawless rendition of his theme. With the latter every piece seems to attain its maximum power.

The Power Of Charisma

The Power Of Charisma

You knowthere's something about you I like. I can't put my finger on it and it's not just the fact that you will download this ebook but there's something about you that makes you attractive.

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