Mission complete. Black's King makes a nice picture of safety. His other pieces are cramped and not faring so well however. Black will need to address the issue of what to do with them.


White develops his position and prepares to build his own home.

Another possibility would be 7.e4, playing for a central grip. One variation. 7^4 Nbd7 8.Nge2 Ne5 9.b3 Bg4 10.0-0 Nf3+ 11.KM Nxe4I?. would yield sharp play. Continuing this idea with 12.Nxe4 Bxal 13.h3 reveals that Black's attack might be premature. Although continu-ing to grip the center with e2-e4 is strategically justified. White feels it would be better to castle and complete his development. Within this scenario he's doing well enough in the center as it is.

Black begins to chip away at White's cen-!er. The e7-pawn controls none of White's squares; thus it has no import in :ht? space count. On the other hand, the d5-pawn controls two in the space count. Black intends to knock off the d5-pawn and reduce White's advantage in the space count.

This is a smart idea for two principled ■Moos:

■ When you have a cramped position, trade material, especially pieces.

■ When you don't know which pieces or pawns to trade, just ask yourself which piece or pawn controls more space.

The idea .~e7-e6 becomes quite suggestive. 8.0-0

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