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Whilst this may not seem much of a gain Black can play ... 4^gf6 in safety now that it is possible to recapture with a knight and he may consider 7 4^f3

We are trying to avoid the static doubled pawns after 3 QgS £>f6 4 &f6 ef6 and so criticism of 4 ... ^b6 should be seen in this light.

6 c3

Mozny - Dejkalo, Prague 1988 went 6 <^c3 £}d7 7 £d3 e6 8 ^ge2 <£gf6 9 0-0 £d6 10 ilf4 % : Hi. Any White initiative has been snuffed out, e.g. 10 ... #c7 11 ,Qd6 Black has secure control over eS and he can finachetto his queen's bishop aiming for either c6

We are following Gulko

- Short, Hastings 1988/89. Black has answered White's pretentious queen-side play with a good old-fashioned blow in the centre.

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