Taking another step towards promotion and opening a route for his king to move forward.

52.1c8 We7 53.Af5 <£h6 54.Wf1 Wc755.We2Wc5+

Thus, Black nicely blocks the check on the c 1 -h6 diagonal. 56.&e6 4>g5!

The black king becomes active. 57.^1 Wa3 58.We2 A.c5 59.I'd2+ Ve3 60.Wa5 AbB 61.fa2 W12 62.#b1 g3 63.1.h3 &h4 64.1g2 Wg1!

Exchanging the queens forces the win. 65.fxg1 Axg1 66.&xd6 iLd4 67.a7 lxa7 68.&xe5 &g4 69.<4>d5 h4

With 69...1.b8 70.e5 Ac7! (70...J.xe5 was not winning; after 71 ,<&xe5 h4 72.&e4 h3 73.Af3 + ! White holds)

71.e6 MS 72.4>e4 h4 73.&e3 h3 Black would also win. 70.e5 h3 71.lxh3+

After 71.e6 hxg2 72.e7 glW 73.e8W Wc5+ forces the queen exchange and wins.


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