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Suddenly Karpov wins a pawn. Bouaziz had not noticed that his weakness was under imminent threat. 31 .d4

White looks for counterplay for the pawn, but this just accelerates the end. After 31.jJd2, 31...Sb6 wins the pawn. Playing 32.c4 against Karpov is unlikely to work. At a lower level it might save the half point. When something goes wrong, 'hacking' may work. However, in a position like this where there are no other problems, White has to consider acting like a hedgehog! Nowadays there are no adjournments, so the opponent must win the game with limited time. There is a chance that he goes astray during the process. 31...2b6

Returning to football terminology: Black has scored the first goal. As he not only takes a pawn but improves his rook as well, he keeps on attacking to gain another pawn. 31 ...exd4 looks winning as well.

This is no doubt witty but it changes little.

We cannot know whether Karpov saw this in advance (I think this was a one-hour game) but Black wins easily in any case.

Not 34...fixdl? 35.d7 fixe3+ 36.4>el fixg2+ 37.<4>fl lib 14- 38.&e2 fif4+ 39.4>e3 and Black has no more than a perpetual. Your author once had a similar ending against Gelfand. The young Boris showed a remarkable calculating ability, which has helped me under stand how important this is, during my career as a trainer.


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