Not a sparkling move, yet a strong one. It looks like just another move, but Karpov closes the sixth rank. 49.2b1?

Karpov attaches a question mark to this move, but suggests no alternative. Porstisch hopes to survive. White cannot force matters by playing 49.fld6 as a prelude to a4-a5. After 49..."¿>e7! 50.Sdl Hc4 51.a5 bxa5 52.J,xa7 a4 53.b6 Sb4 Black is better. Going after the h-pawn with 49.Shi looks like White's best chance: 49...Sc4 (after49.,.4g7 50.Bgl+ <4>h7 51.Sdl! h5 52.Sd6 White is rather active) 50.Sxh6 Sxa4 — Karpov would probably have settled for this slightly better ending.

49...BC4 50.a5 bxa5 51 Axa7

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