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All) 70...b4 71 .f6 (71 Ac!! is possible here - another hole in Karpov's long checkmating line):

Alll) Now Karpov shows a lovely mate against 71...4e6?? 72.4g7 ^xb3 73.^xb3 la4 74.£k5 + ! 4d6 7S.f7 alW 76.f8#4 4c6 77.Wc84 4d6 78.Wd84 4c6 79.Wd7+ 4b6 80.1^74 4a5 81 .ÍTa6 mate; Al 12) However, with 71...£ixb3 Black can take the bishop one move earlier and win, e.g. 71.foxb3 4c6 73.g5 4b5 74.g6 4c4 75.^al b3

76.^xb3 4>xb3 77.f7 Axf7 78.gxf7 al#79.f8lf#hl+80.a?g6Wgl+.

A12) Black can even take the bishop still one move earlier: 70...^xb3!!, suddenly changing direction and winning the race: 71.^xb3 b4 72.4>g7 4>c6!! 73.<4f8 4*>5 74.*xe8 4>c4 75. f6 <4xb3 76.f7 alW 77. f8W Wa8 + 78.4>e7 1ixf8+ 79.<4xf8 4x2.

A2) Instead of 70.4>h6, 70.1.xa2!! achieves the draw: 70...^xa2 71.4*6 <£b4 (or 71...<2k:3 72.g5 <£dl 73.£x2 b4 74.ftxb4 <^xe3 75.g6 <^g4+ 76.4>g7 e3 77.f6 e2 78.^d3 <£xf6 79.4>xf6 Ab5 80.^el Ad7=) 72.<4g7 ¿¿ic6 73.£ib3! (in the event of 73.f6 <4e6 74.g5 J,h5 75.g6 4kl8 76.£k2 4*5 Black wins) 73...b4 74.f6 <£d8 75.g5 £te6+ 76.4>h6=.

Instead of Karpov's 69.iLb3, White does have a win after 68...4>d6?:

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