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Now if 61.Sf6 &e7 62.a6 bxa6 63.2xc6, Black struggles. Planning to defend the d4-pawn with the rook and to march to b6 with 61.'&c3 can lead to an advantageous queen ending: 61...<4>e7 62.fif4 Hd6 63.&b4 f6 64.gxf64- 2xf6 65.2xf6

4>xf6 66.4c5 g5 67.4b6 g4 68.4xb7 g3 69.a6 g2 70.a7 glW 71.a8W and White wins.

68...<4>b5 69.4f3 4c4 70.Sd7 4d3 71.4g4 2xh7 72.2xh7 4xd4 73.2d7+ 1-0


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