This is the subtle continuation of Karpov's deep plan. He gains space and fixes Black's pawns on the king-

side at the same time.

Blocking the g-pawn with 34...g5? is not recommended as it gives up control of the f5-square after 35.iLe4. 35.h4 4f8 36.g5 hxg5

36...h5 covers the g4-square, but in vain: 37.Ag2 Sb4 38.J.h3 4e8 39.2e2+ 4d8 40.2e7 is very promising for White.

37.hxg5 2b4 38.4f1 2d4 39.4e2 4e8

It is hard to tell whether the text move or 39...f5! presents White with more problems:

A 1 11 ftiA

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