Rb Nk Nb

With the idea of. . . N-Q5. 33 B-B5 R-QB1 34 B-B2 R2-B2 35 RxR RxR 36 R-Nl N-K2 37 R-N8+ K-R2 38 K-R2 N-N3

39 N-B5 Again angling for R-N7.

39 . . . R-B3 Or 39 . . . N-K4 40 R-N7 B xR 41 PxB N-B3 (41 . . . N-Q2 42 P-Q4 wins) 42 B-N3±.

40 ... R-B2 41 R-Q.7± ± R xR 42 N x R B-B3 43 N-N8 B-N4 44 B x P N-K2 45 B-N6 Not 45 B-B5? allowing 45 . . . N-Q4-B2-R1. 45 . . . N-Bl 46 B-B5 K-N3? 46 . . . BxQP 47 P-R7 NxP 48 BxN B-N4 49 P-B4 allows Black to hold out longer. 47 P-R7 N x P 48 B x N P-K4 49 P-Q4 PxP 50 BxP K-B2 51 P-B4 P-N4 52 P x P P x P 53 K-N3 K-N3 54 K-B3 K-B4 55 P-N3 1-0 Only not 55 P-N4+?? K-N3=.

Interview-London 1972

Q,: Grandmaster Anatoly Karpov, can you say something about the British players who played at Hastings?

AK: Best of all played Keene; at Hastings he played less well than he can do, it seemed to me that he was afraid to lose.

Q,: Is there one particular game or two games which you played at some time which you like most of all?

AK: It was in the Alekhine Memorial tournament in Moscow recently; the game with Hort, and here the game with Byrne.

Q,: Would you like to say who will win the forthcoming match, Spassky or Fischer?

Q,: Which games in the history of chess do you admire most of all?

AK: There are very many games which are very good. All the good games I like.

Q,: Who are your chess heroes?

AK: Capablanca and Botvinnik.

Qs As well as chess what do you like to do? What are your main interests ?

AKs I am a student studying economics in the faculty in Leningrad.

Qs What can you say about London?

AKs Interesting city!

Qs When did you have your first significant chess achievement?

AKs At what particular level?

Qs At international level.

AKs The first time I played in Czechoslovakia, it was a small international tournament - I took first place. And then the World Junior Championship in Sweden.

Qs Was there one particular game in that tournament in Sweden which left a big impression?

AKs Most of all the game with Andersson.

Qs Do you do some physical training as preparation for chess?

AKs Yes I swim, and in the winter I ski.

Qs What do you think about your own chess style?

AKs I haven't got any particular opinion of my own style - I just play chess.

Qs What do you think of Walter Browne, the Australian grandmaster?

AKs I haven't met him yet!

Qs Have you seen Browne's games?

AKs Not a great deal, I don't feel able to say anything about him.

Qs Is this the first time that you have visited London?

AKs Yes it is.

Qs Can you advise us what we must do if we want to improve?

AKs I don't know what you do at the moment.

Q: We study openings a lot, we play a lot I suppose.

AKs But endgames not very much - do the opposite study endgames!

Qs When you were a child did you play in simultaneous displays against Soviet grandmasters?

AKs Yes I did play against Botvinnik, Korchnoi, Spassky -almost all the Russian grandmasters.

Qs Did you win against some of them?

AK: I don't remember, I think I drew with Botvinnik, Spassky and Korchnoi, the others I don't really remember.

Qi What is your opinion of Vaganian?

AK: Some months ago he had a very good result (first at Vrnjacka Banja 1971 - eds), was it just one result or will he in future get equally good results? We shall see.

Q,: Do you play blindfold chess?

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