Karpov * J

Polugayevsky J J

3101 Lev Polugayevsky-AK: G1:


1 P-Q4 N-KB3 2 P-QB4 P-K3 3 N-QB3 B-N5 4 P-K3 0-0 5 B-Q3 P-B4 6 N-B3 P-Q4 7 0-0 QPxP 8 BxBP N-B3 9 P-QR3 B-R4

A long-forgotten variation which has again become popular thanks to the efforts of grandmaster Larsen. Both players play this line as Black. The theoretical duel has become the more interesting in that Polugayevsky is obliged to demonstrate an advantage for White. 10B-Q3

One of the most unpleasant continuations for Black to meet. 10 . . . PxP 11 PxP B-N3 12 B-K3 N-Q4 13 B-KN51

An improvement on 13 NxN which gave Black easy equality in Gligorid-Karpov (2009). Polugay-evsky's move is a theoretical novelty which poses Black complex problems.

He is obliged to make this weakening of his pawn formation because if the queen moves it is difficult for Black to complete his development.

White has some advantage be

0 0

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