The exchange of these bishops accentuates the weakness of the light squares in Black's K-side.

Grigorian is hoping to get his queen to KN3 but Karpov isn't having any.

A fine multi-purpose move which restricts the knight on QN6 and prepares to make life awkward for Black's K-side pieces by 20 B-R3.

20 ... N1-K2 is no better. At least this way he gets a little counterplay on the QB-file.

21 BxN

Karpov will not allow the knight to establish itself on e4, even at the cost of the exchange.

24 QxB KR-K1

25 . . . PxP 26 N-B5 only makes Black's position worse.

26 P-B5

Transferring his attentions to the

36 N-N4

Karpov overcomes his natural reluctance to leave pawns en prise in view of the threat of 37 NxRP. Grigorian finds another way to lose.

38 NxRP RxR

39 N-B7 mate

K6 square. Black's bishop is now quite helpless.

28 N-R2

To come in on KN4. If now 28 ... P-KR4? 29 Q-K2 wins a pawn.

file as he cannot afford to capture on e6 and give White a passed pawn and the f5 square.

0 0

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