a) 8 0-0 is the most common but not the most critical move. This position was mentioned in connection with 704Wc78£b3\ 8...£fc6 and 8...i.e7!? are the normal replies for Black.

The interesting reply 8...b5 may be used when responding to other moves:

c) 8 f4 b5 (8...&c6 9 f5!) with the idea of meeting 9 f5 with 9...b4 10 &a4+ &e7!.

d) 8 g4 b5 9 g5 can be met by 9...b4!? 10 gxf6 bxc3 or 9...£tfd7!?.

7..Mc7 still awaits a serious test. By the way, 6..Mc7 7 jLb3 e6 is one more path via which to achieve this position.

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