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Aerobics For Fitness

Aerobics For Fitness

Getting in shape and staying fit is not always easy but some ways are easier than others such as aerobics when you do it right. Aerobics For Fitness Provides You With Everything You Need to Know to Make Aerobics Work Right And Produce Real Fitness Results.

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Body Groove Workout

BodyGroove gives you original workouts and routines to help exercise your body the natural way; the way that it is meant to be used. Everyone's body is one of a kind, and this workout helps you to find the best sweet spot for your body to be used. This DVD program uses music in combination with powerful dance moves to move your body in an amazing and refreshing way. Think of this as the dance equivalence to organic food; healthy and all-natural! You never have to be bored with your workout again with this program. Why stick to routines that don't work? We have a much better solution for you! From high-energy grooves to slower moves, you are set to work out in the way that you like best! You can choose from your favorite style of dancing music; everything from hip-hop to disco is represented!

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Contents: Workout DVD
Creator: Misty Tripoli
Price: $37.00

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Kenneth Cooper, who originated aerobics, found that regular moderate exercise has profoundly beneficial effects on the body and the mind. Aerobic ( with oxygen ) exercise strengthens the cardiovascular system, improving blood and therefore oxygen flow to the body and brain. On average the brain represents less than 3 percent of body weight, yet it uses more than 30 percent of Cooper and many others have demonstrated that a regular program of aerobic exercise leads to significant improvements in alertness, emotional stability, mental acuity, and stamina. It generally takes an out-of-shape individual six weeks, exercising for at least twenty minutes four times a week (and raising the heart rate to approximately 120 beats per minute), to produce marked benefits. (Consult your physician for guidance on beginning your own program.) The secret to beginning a successful aerobic training program is to find activities that you enjoy. Brisk walking, running, dancing, swimming, rowing, or...

Harmonizing Your Physical And Mental Powers

Aerobic conditioning, weight training, stretching, and endless repetition of technique are the cornerstones of martial arts training. Martial artists aim to condition their physical reflexes for lightning response. Yet great masters emphasize that at the highest levels of combat the edge goes to the fighter with superior confidence and mental discipline. In the words of Morihei Ueshiba, When surrounded by a forest of enemy spears, enter deeply and learn to use your mind as a shield. In Zen and the Art of Archery, Eugen Herrigel describes the legendary Master Awa urging him to forget your physical strength and shoot only with your 'strength of mind.


Healthful eating habits will help you to maintain an even physiological and emotional keel throughout the day. Combined with aerobics, strength training, and flexibility exercises, a healthful diet will improve your ability to concentrate, Although diet fads come and go, the fundamental truths of intelligent eating stand the tests of time and scientific scrutiny. We summarize them. here.